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<p id=Gifts made to Harvard Law School from alumni and friends play a critical role in the Law School’s continued excellence, funding financial aid and faculty research, and closing monetary gaps in everything from campus improvements to experiential clinical education and curricular innovation.

Unrestricted gifts and endowment distributions provide 40% of HLS’s operating budget each year.



There are two main ways to give to the HLS Annual Fund: 1) unrestricted gifts of any size, and 2) planned gifts that provide an additional tax or estate planning benefit.

If you are interested in making a major gift to Harvard Law School, please contact Francisco Martinez, Director of Development, at or at 617-495-4203.




We are grateful for the generous support of all of our donors and their public investment in the role Harvard Law School plays in the betterment of society. As a sign of our gratitude, we proudly host several exclusive donor recognition societies to honor our donors, including The Langdell Society, 1817 Society, and the Oliver Wendell Holmes Society. We also print and mail a Report of Gifts annually to recognize your generosity.

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