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  • LYF Series Grinding System
  • LYF Series Grinding System is composed of high speed air classifying mill, cyclone, rotary sieve/ vibrating sieve, fine collector and fan. It has the functions of high-
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  • YPW Series Water Cooling Belt
  • YPW Series Water Cooling Belt is composed of cooling rollers, stainless steel conveyor, crusher and cooling water spraying system. The cooling water spraying system is used
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  • SLJ-H Series Twin Screw Extrud..
  • SLJ-H Series Twin Screw Extruder, with high capacity, is an ideal equipment for extruding various chemical materials. Raw materials are perfectly dispersed and distributed
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  • FHJ Series Container Mixer
  • FHJ Series Container Mixer adopts movable container design, suitable for the mixing of various kinds of powder and granular materials. When the container loaded with raw ma
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  • Flying Dragon Powder Coating Pr..
  • Flying Dragon Powder Coating Production Line is one of our patent products(Patent NO.ZL 2005 1 0042341.6), which is the landmark of powder coating processing technology b
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  • 2020-7-10

    Longcai Advanced Materials Co.,..

    Longcai Advanced Materials Co., Ltd is a professional company specialized in research and development of power coating resins, and some special resins. Now, in addition to the Yantai plant, weihai located on the coast of the Yellow Sea, has also started production.The two plants cover an area of about 295,000 square meters in total. Weihai factory now have more than sixty types of power coating resins under the trademark of “Longcester”, including Hybrid type,TGIC Curing type&HAA Curing type polyester resins, PU resins, fluorocarbon resins and two-step type epoxy resins.

  • 2020-7-10

    Time flies. In a flash, 2019..

    Time flies. In a flash, 2019 is coming to an end. January 18, 2020 15:58, we gathered together, ushered in the "Ling Yu Long color ALD" the first annual meeting of the celebration, but also jointly witnessed the yantai Lingyu powder machinery Co., Ltd. was founded 20 years of ups and downs, together look forward to a better tomorrow.

  • 2020-7-10

    We will meet again in 2020

    2019 China International Paint Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. We will meet again in 2020。

  • 2018-12-21

    Asia Pacific Coatings Show 2019

    Welcome to visit our Booth No.: C15a/Hall 105, during Asia Pacific Coatings Show 2019 (11 - 13 September 2019) in Bangkok, Thailand!


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